Every once in a while someone comes along who possesses, both, a genuine and dynamic quality not just in their music, but in their personality, character and creativity as well that can easily and honestly be detected in their workmanship and performance. Reminiscent of some of the great musicians and producers of all time, Jamie Prokop is that someone.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Jamie’s music career began at the young age of nine when his father legendary Canadian rock icon Skip Prokop from the internationally acclaimed band “Lighthouse” brought him into the studio to perform on numerous radio jingles, including Irwin Toys. Jamie has grown up listening to and being enriched and influenced by some of the most critical and innovative genres of the last six decades.

He believes in a few essentials when creating any style of music. Elements such as dynamic grooves and vibrant vocals paired with rich tones and textures and completed with various moods and spaces make up his palette for creating as a musician and producer. Names like Quincy Jones, Clive Barker, and George Martin frequent Prokop’s dialogue with his clients around the studio. Jamie also tries to convey a message of living life to the fullest and celebrating the time we have through his faith in his Saviour Jesus Christ and through love and compassion for those around him.

Prokop has had the pleasure of having some of his works recognized in international film, award winning projects, and has even gained attention from Christian Pop/Rock producer Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, Steven Curtis Chapman). He has also enjoyed the fruits of his labour internationally with traditional radio, satellite radio, and internet/cable radio exposure for several of his artists including himself.

After some twenty plus years of writing, recording and producing music, Prokop is always striving to exceed expectations with great success and continues to satisfy the needs of others through his talented abilities and creative processes. One of Jamie’s most recent projects is Producer, musician and band member for Paul Rivard, and his 2014 Release “Are You Listening”. And by cultivating a lasting relationship with the people he works with. “What matters most to me is a trusting relationship with my clients. it’s what keeps business flowing and people coming back to you time and time again…if i only did this for money i would have quit a long time ago…”It’s all about loving God and loving others as he loves us.”